Frequently Asked Questions

Service Details

Q1. What can I do with this Service?

You can make an appointment for inspection of plans deposited in the Land Registry under government leases or various Ordinances; or original land grant documents. You may also change, cancel or enquire about the appointments.

Q2. What are the service hours of the e-Booking Service?

The e-Booking Service is available daily from 07:30 hour to 03:30 hour next day, including Sundays and public holidays.

Q3. Do I need to print and present the confirmation email when attending the inspection service at the LR office?

You may present printed copy of the Confirmation email or Acknowledgement page or by showing us the same on your mobile device.

Q4. What is a "reminder email"?

This is a free service. A reminder email will be sent to the email address provided by you 2 days prior to the appointment date for the booking made via the e-Booking Service.

Q5. Apart from the e-Booking Service, is there any other means for me to make an appointment for the inspection service?

You may present the request form in person or by fax. The form is available at the Land Registry’s Customer Centre or any of the New Territories Search Offices. You may also download the form at the Land Registry’s website ( Upon receipt of your request form, we will contact you to arrange for inspection of the relevant document or plan.

Q6. What should I do if I have any questions in using the e-Booking service?

For enquiries, please contact us via the following enquiry lines during office hours:
Inspection of plans deposited: 2867 5818
Inspection of original land grant documents: 2158 6434

Q7. What should I do if the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 (or higher) or Black Rainstorm Signal is issued on the date of appointment?

Please visit our homepage for the special arrangements of the Land Registry under inclement weather conditions. You may make a new appointment via our e-Booking Service or call the respective inspection office to re-schedule the appointment after our office has been re-opened.

Appointment Issues

Q1. What information is needed to make an appointment?

You need to provide the following information:

  1. Deposit Number, Plan Number or Plan Subject for inspection of plan requested. For inspection of land grant document, the document type, Lot Type, Lot Number, or Conditions/New Grant Number are required;
  2. appointment date and time;
  3. contact information (contact phone number and an email address. The email address is used for receiving verification and confirmation email)

Q2. Why is it necessary to input the verification code to confirm the appointment booking?

It is to prevent automated appointment booking by machine and verify the validity of the email address provided.

Q3. How can I know that the appointment made has been confirmed?

After inputting the required information for the booking and submitting the request, you will receive a verification code by email. Within 30 minutes after input of the verification code, a confirmation email will be sent to you for confirmation of the appointment made.

Q4. How can I cancel or amend an appointment through the e-booking Service?

You can use the "Cancel / Amend Appointment" function to search for your appointment booking for amendment or cancellation.

Q5. Can I change the documents or plans I wish to inspect after confirmation of the appointment?

No. Please cancel the appointment via the e-Booking system and make a fresh appointment, or contact the respective office prior to the appointment date for the special arrangement.

Q6. What should I do if I am unable to attend the appointment as scheduled?

You can change or cancel the appointment before the appointment date through the e-Booking Service or call the respective inspection office.